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Providing Tower Lighting as a Service™ (TLaaS™)

We give tower owners peace of mind. LumenServe™ provides Tower Lighting as a Service™ (TLaaS™) with no-upfront-cost options available for qualified customers. Our TLaaS™ service includes:

  • Procurement and installation of world-class LED lighting systems
  • Providing the FAA-mandated lighting compliance services and 24/7/365 monitoring services with our dual-network operations centers
  • Provision of our Assurance Warranty, including all parts and labor to ensure the system is always operational
LumenServe™ TLaaS™ services are available across the country, with no upfront costs for qualified customers – delivered “as a service.” Options include a $1 purchase of the system at the end of the term. TLaaS™ also comes with the LumenServe™ Guarantee.

Services & Products

Tower Lighting as a Service™
Best-in-Class LED Lighting Systems
Compliance and 24/7/365 Monitoring Services
Assurance Warranty, Maintenance and Repair Services
Lighting System and Tower Inspections Services
Site Audit and Compliance Review Services

Our Value System

Customer Service Obsession
Honesty and Integrity
We Get Things Done
Efficiency Focused
Grateful for Our Successes

At LumenServe™ – “We give tower owners peace of mind.”
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The LumenServe™ Difference

LumenServe™ ​provides Tower Lighting as a Service™ for a fixed monthly cost, which allows your organization to easily budget for your lighting system services. There are no surprises or out-of-budget expenditures due to bulb replacement, damaged components or other unexpected issues. Once the new LED lighting system is installed, monthly power consumption costs typically decline by more than 90%. You no longer have to assign someone to monitor, log and report. Compliance is taken off your plate, and the risk profile of lighting is no longer yours to worry about.

Summary of TLaaS™ Benefits

  • New, reliable LED technology benefits
  • No upfront capital – retrofit all your towers now
  • Fixed monthly cost with no budget surprises
  • No maintenance, repair, bulb replacement or other unplanned expenditures
  • Lower power consumption costs (typically by more than 90%)
  • No compliance tracking or reporting
  • No risk associated with fines
  • Improved site safety
  • Community-friendly lighting system utilizing patented optics
  • Use upfront capital you would have spent on another product set for your customers
  • Design may be able to eliminate need and associated cost of painting your structure
  • Eliminate cost of quarterly review of system
  • Have the comfort of dual NOC monitoring for higher reliability
  • Performance reports provided regularly to each customer
  • Partnering with a “Get Things Done” tower lighting company for all future needs

Markets Served

  • Broadcast/media
  • Cable companies
  • Communications companies and co-ops
  • Governmental entities
  • Oil and gas
  • Tower companies
  • Utilities

*Federal Lighting Regulations for obstruction marking and lighting are governed by the applicable FAA Advisory Circulars including the most recent 70/7460-1L. Please refer to this circular and its latest revision for latest updates.


The LumenServe™ Guarantee:

Pursuant to LumenServe™’s Master Agreement terms, if all four TLaaS™ service items for a site are ordered by the Customer, installed and being provided by LumenServe™, LumenServe™ guarantees there will be no Notice of Violations issued on the subject Lighting System, and LumenServe™ will be responsible for any fines incurred by the Customer for the subject Lighting System should there be a Notice of Violation issued.
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