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LumenServe™ provides obstruction lighting AS A SERVICE with NO UPFRONT COSTS options available for qualified customers.

LumenServe™ is your one stop shop to: Design and Engineer new LED lighting system for each structure Decommission your old traditional lighting Install patented state-of-the-art LED lighting system  Monitor and report per Federal regulations*  Maintain, service and repair the new system

LumenServe™ relieves the headaches associated with obstruction lighting for our customers and provides a new, well maintained and safe LED lighting system.

LumenServe™ provides obstruction lighting AS A SERVICE to the telecommunications, broadcast, energy, and Oil & Gas markets.


The LumenServe Difference

LumenServe™ provides Obstruction Lighting as a Service for a fixed monthly cost which allows your organization to easily budget for this.  There are no surprises or out of budget expenditures due to bulb replacement, damaged components or other unexpected issues.  Once the new LED lighting system is installed, monthly power consumption costs typically decline by more than 90%.  You no longer have to assign someone to monitor, log and report.  Compliance is taking off your plate.  And, the risk profile of lighting is no longer yours to worry about.


In effect, the lighting problem becomes our problem.  You are free to then focus on the other things that help your organization succeed.


Summary of Key Customer Benefits New, reliable LED technology benefits No upfront capital – Retrofit all you towers now!  Fixed monthly cost with no budget surprises No maintenance, repair, bulb replacement or other unplanned expenditures Lower power consumption costs ~ 90% No compliance tracking or reporting No risk associated with fines  Improved site safety Community friendly lighting system utilizing patented optics Contract provides for renewals in providing flexibility in the event of a decommissioning Use upfront capital you would have spent on another product set for your customers Design may be able to eliminate need and associated cost of painting your structure. Eliminate cost of Quarterly review of system Have the comfort of dual NOC monitoring for higher reliability Performance reports provided regularly to each customer Partnering with a “Go To” Obstruction lighting company for all future needs
Markets Served Telecommunications Broadcast Energy Oil & Gas


*According to Federal Regulations, certain tall structures are required to be lit.  It is also required that either; 1. The structure’s lights be inspected every 24 hours to insure they are functioning properly, or 2. The structure’s lighting be monitored by a system designed to monitor and notify of any failure of the lighting.  Should it be determined that the lighting has failed by either method the FAA must be notified of that failure and certain repair procedures followed. Other regulations apply.